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Welcome to the GuildPortal site of <Ordo Dracul Redux>. We're Alliance-based players on the Chromaggus-US server and we're always looking for new faces. This guild has been around for over 3 years on at least 3 servers on both Alliance & Horde side. We're a casual raiding / leveling guild and we usually raid beginning @ 7pm SERVER on nearly every night of the week with boosted participation on the weekends. We run vanilla, BC, and WotLK content throughout the week and we really focus on having fun. We also would prefer quality players over quanitity. All classes, levels, alts, etc. are invited but there are a few classes/spec that we're in particular need of. Please check back to this site often for updates and recruiting requirements.

-ODR's GM,

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<-- Read ODR's Rules & Ethical Code before applying.
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ODRFaithwarrior, Jun 22, 10 4:11 PM.
-ODR full clears Karazhan 6/11/10.
-ODR/We Got It This Time Guys takes out Gruul's Lair 6/17/10.
-ODR/We Got It This Time Guys fails epicly in SSC pug @ Lady Vashj 6/17/10.
-ODR full clears Zul'Aman 6/20/10.

-ODR is set to attempt The Eye 6/23/10.
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